How It Works

What to expect as our partner

Launching your own turnkey private label program is a simple, three-step process.
Submit an easy-to-complete application form that helps us determine if this is the right time for you to consider enrollment in one of our private label programs.
Your application will be carefully reviewed and evaluated. If approved, we will notify you and send you a Welcome Kit outlining the benefits of our program.
If approved and soon after your Welcome Kit arrives, you will receive staff training tools and guidance for deployment at the point of sale. A Citi Retail Services representative will answer questions and provide ongoing support.

Our business specialists have helped thousands of large and small retailers take advantage of the convenience and flexibility of our private label credit card. We guide you through the process and provide the tools and training you need to start offering on-the-spot financing.

What your customers can expect

We make it easy for your customers to apply for on-the-spot credit.
We provide professional point-of-sale materials that make it easy for you and your sales team to promote the program to potential buyers.
We made the application process fast and easy so that you can help qualified applicants get what they want faster. Applications sent from one of your locations can typically be processed in minutes.
Customers who participate in your private label program are more likely to become loyal customers and pay more attention to promotional offers.

Getting started is easy. Begin the application process online and put your company on its way to providing private label credit and all of its advantages to your customers.